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ABC Picnic 2016

By: Ritika Gupta


On Sunday July 26, the ABC family hosted its annual picnic at the Bronte Creek Park in Oakville. It had been years since I attended the picnic and I had more fun than I could have imagined. Going beyond 33 degrees celsius, it was a scorcher outside, however this didn’t hinder the fun, it just added to it. Upon arriving, I was greeted by all of my family-friends and had a cup of fresh mango juice, or aam panna, handed to me. With my electrolytes in the restoration process, I decided to settle down on a shaded picnic bench with a few friends. I took it upon myself to come prepared with a few activities that would keep me entertained. The fear of boredom is a strong one, and besides, the great outdoors and I never got along well. Anyways, I pulled out my adult colouring-book (trust me, they’re increasing in popularity) and began colouring a design in. I wasn’t even two minutes into colouring before I was sucked into conversation. I quickly abandoned the page and immersed myself into the energy around me. People were laughing, chatting, and most importantly, they were eating. The food was cooked fresh on-site, by Malkit Best Catering. For appetizers, the chef prepared crowd-pleasers like freshly-fried and perfectly-crisp pakoras, as well as personal favourites like chaat-papdi and pasta. Afterwards, I noticed that there were games for every age group. On one field, I saw my dad playing Cricket with other uncles, while on the other field, I was involved in a game of Ultimate Frisbee with the kids and teens. It was lovely to see that there was something to do for everyone at the picnic, regardless of age. That sense of warmth (not literally, though it was very hot outside) and inclusivity is one that is familiar to me when I attend ABC gatherings. Beaming from my team’s win at Ultimate Frisbee, I went back to the shaded area. After gulping down another refreshment, pink lemonade this time, I was pulled into a game of Tug-of-War. This was the highlight of the picnic for me. People from every single age group were able to join in the fun and merriment. I say this without lying or any personal agenda, but my team won every single time we played. After a few rounds of the game, I went back to the picnic-site and had a lovely lunch of traditional sabzis, freshly-made naan, raita and salad. The food was delicious and the company was better, if that’s even possible. Before I knew it, it was time for me to head home. I must to admit that I was sad to go. It was only during my ride home that I realized I had scarcely coloured in a quarter of the colouring-page. If that’s not a true testament to the fun that I had, then I don’t know what is.

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