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2016 Terry Fox Run a Huge Success

As far as global Canadian icons go Terry Fox stands in a league of his own. Terry’s Marathon of Hope represents how a single individual can turn a moment of personal tragedy into inspiration for generations of people.

This year ABC celebrated Terry’s legacy on the occasion of the 36th anniversary of his Marathon of Hope.

ABC has been participating in the Terry Fox run for over a decade raising over fifteen thousand dollars to support Terry’s cause. This year we had 35 participants and raised $1, 500 through personal contributions and a fund-raising Bowling event. It was wonderful to see the large turnout and enthusiastic participation from our members!

It is the participation and engagement from members that makes an event like this worthwhile and successful. We feel very proud to see the engagement from the community we have built through ABC.

Together we are making a difference.

Thank You

Krishna and Anshul Bhoutika
ABC Terry Fox Run Co-ordinators

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