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Naach Meri Jaan

Naach Meri Jaan – Reality Bollywood Dance Competition

The children of ABC were presented the opportunity to participate in this first of its kind reality Dance Competition in Toronto and they grabbed it with both hands! Two groups of our finest dancers entered the competition in the kids group category. The first group was young children aged 7-11 year olds with “Gurus of Peace” and the other group comprised of youth girls aged 12-16 years with their take on a “Kamli/ Bezubaan” medley. Both pieces had been choreographed by Puja Amin last year for our Diwali Gala.

ABC graciously supported the participating children by contributing half of the registration fee for both the groups for a total of $130, along with their overwhelming good wishes and blessings for the children in the competition.

The competition itself was designed as a multi – round series with eliminations or progression to the next stage . The grand prize was an opportunity to participate for the Grand Competition held in New York in August. Apart from the auditions, each group was judged in two other separate rounds for co-ordination, costume, content, choreography and the choice of songs to dance to by various talented dance teachers/ choreographers of Toronto. For the finals held in Toronto, the event was judged by the esteemed actor/ dancer Javed Jaffry and the talented choreographer of The Cheetah Girls, Rujuta Vaidya.

Our young kids from Gurus of Peace made it up to semi- finals and then withdrew where as the Youth girls went all the way up to the Finals.
At the Finals, the youth girls wowed the entire audience and the judges with their engaging performance. They garnered high praise from both judges for their involvement with the piece, their use of stage as well as their costumes. The judges especially liked the interpretation of songs to depict how dance can be the medium of expression for Indo- Canadian youth struggling with straddling the two diverse and sometimes opposing cultures. The intensity and co-ordination with which each member of the crew performed was truly appreciated.

However, the journey for the youth group also ended at the Toronto finals but not before awarding proud moments of accomplishment to the dancers, parents and the ABC organisation as well. It was recognised that ABC was the only community organisation that put up entries at the event. This shows our passion for promoting our youth and our involvement with their development. The experience also taught us all valuable lessons that can be built upon for future. It gave our children the opportunity to discover the difference between competition and performing for community. It brought them together as ABC family working towards a common goal. It boosted their confidence and self esteem and provided them with a platform for their cultural growth. All in all it was a successful endeavour to be a part of! Hope the children will continue next time, next season.

“Gurus of Peace” participants- Kavya Pathak, Kashish Pathak, Uditti Jalan, Vrishtti Jalan, Shreya Garg, Radhika Jain, Rishika Singhal and Ayona Shah.

“Kamli/ Bezubaan ” participants- Janvi Pathak, Nupur Agrawal, Ritika Gupta, Muskan Agarwal, Shrija Govil and Priya Jain.

Join ABC at International Yoga Day – June 21 2015

International Yoga Day – June 21, 2015

When PM Modi ji visited Canada on April 15th , he talked about  the change in “Jann ka Mann”. He talked about how positive thinking , hard work and returning to being a Karma yogi was the way forward for India and the world. He talked about a few initiatives that were close to his heart and Yoga was definitely one of them.

June 21  2015 was declared as the International Day of Yoga by the UN General Assembly on September 27, 2014 wherein he stated: “Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfilment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature. By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help us deal with climate change. Let us work towards adopting an International Yoga Day.”



Of the 193 members of the UN that were present for the address, a whopping 170 of them came on aboard this movement and passed the resolution, paving the way for first ever event of this kind.

The chosen Date- June 21st 2015  has special significance as well. It marks the day of summer solstice (the longest day of the year in northern hemisphere ) and the transition to Dakshinayana. This is the time according to Hindu calendar where there is natural support for  those pursuing spiritual practises. According to Yogic lore, The full moon following the solstice or Guru Purnima was the day when first transmission of Yoga happened from the eternal Yogi , Shiva himself.

In celebration of the International Yoga day , communities, yogis , health professionals , gurus and Indians and non Indians are organizing yoga events worldwide. PM Modi himself will be leading  an event with 45000 people at Rajpath in Delhi on the same day.

In Toronto also, yoga sessions will be held free of charge to commemorate the event . The sessions are scheduled to be held between 9 am to 2pm at Mississauga Celebration Square along with other cultural activities . For more information regarding the event and its sponsors the flyer is attached. Let us all participate together to make this event a grand success.  Hope to see you all there. Om Namo Shivay.

Suman Gupta
ABC Secretary


About Agarwals

Maharaja Agrasen is known as icon of non-violence , messenger of Peace, Maharaja Agrasen was an embodiment of Sacrifice, Compassion, Non-Violence, Peace, Prosperity and a True Socialist. According to current calendar the birth of Maharaj Agrasen took place about 5185 years ago. King Ballabh was a Suryavamshi ( lineage from the Sun). Even when he was very young, Prince Agrasen was very well known for his compassion. He never discriminated against anyone and the subjects were very pleased with the way he conducted himself..

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